The systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.

Cyber research can be a valuable aid to boots-on-the-ground search campaigns for missing persons — particularly young persons. The younger the individual, the more active they are likely to be on social media, and the more diverse the range of social media sites they are likely to frequent and utilize. These range from general sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Tumblr, and SnapChat, to more niche sites such as ReverbNation, DeviantArt, Grindr, Tinder, SoundCloud, and so on.

By digging beneath the cyber architecture of such sites, B2G Cyber’s experts can utilize all such social media to help track the activities, locations, and “friends”/connections of their users. This information can be case-breaking in the event that an individual goes missing — especially when coupled with B2G Global Strategies’ other research capabilities with respect to locating individuals.

In cases in which an individual is “missing” only in the sense that they have engaged in criminal conduct and do not wish to be found, B2G Cyber can use the same sources, skills, and technologies to track the individual’s whereabouts and activities using their social media.

Social Media User Information (AUPM = Active Users Per Month)

  • YouTube (2 billion)
  • Facebook (1.59 billion AUPM)
  • WhatsApp (1 billion AUPM)
  • Tencent QQ (853 million AUPM)
  • WeChat (697 million AUPM)
  • QZone (640 million AUPM)
  • Tumblr (555 AUPM)
  • TikTok (500 million AUPM)
  • Instagram (400 million AUPM)
  • Twitter (320 million AUPM)
  • Skype (300 million AUPM)
  • Viber (249 million AUPM)
  • Vimeo (240 million)
  • Sina Weibo (222 million AUPM)
  • Snapchat (200 million AUPM)
  • Line (215 million AUPM)
  • Vine (200 million)
  • MyHeritage (180 million AUPM)
  • (122 million AUPM)
  • LinkedIn (100 million AUPM)
  • Telegram (100 million AUPM)
  • Reddit (100 million AUPM)
  • Pinterest (100 million AUPM)
  • Flickr (90 million)
  • ReverbNation (80 million AUPM)
  • Taringa (75 million AUPM)
  • DeviantArt (44 million AUPM)
  • FourSquare (40 million AUPM)
  • Meetup (32 million AUPM)
  • Tinder (50 million AUPM)
  • Twitch (15 million)
  • NextDoor (10 million AUPM)
  • Grindr (3.8 million AUPM)
  • Bumble (1 million AUPM)
  • OKCupid (1 million AUPM)
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