Creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened.

Among others, our cyber team utilizes the following methods.

Honeypots and Traps

We lay traps to draw out and misdirect possible cyber attackers, thereby identifying and addressing threats to your organization.

Cyber Defense

Our team proactively monitors the systems of your organization’s enemies, including hackers, disgruntled (ex-) employees, and aggressive competitors. This is done with the aim of gathering information about possible attackers and ensuring that they cannot launch successful attacks against you.

Anti-Phishing Defense

B2G neutralizes phishing campaigns through internal exercises designed to educate your employees and vendors to detect and dispose of phishing attempts.

Vertical Information Flow

We analyze and refine your organization’s inter-departmental communication practices in order to address the common problem of employees and ex-employees having inappropriate access to your systems. This circumstance often leads to the disclosure of information that is financially and reputationally damaging to an organization.


In the event that your organization’s Security Information Employee Management (SEIM) tool discloses anomalies in your systems, B2G will request your files and data for our cybersecurity team to analyze. B2G Cyber can offer this service because our large client base in the United States furnishes us with a vast repository of general intelligence, allowing us to resolve and anomalies.

Client Communications

Having completed a threat assessment and established a robust cyber-defense system, B2G issues you detailed monthly reports of our findings going forward. If circumstances warrant, we will issue these reports more frequently or flash reports when an incident occurs.

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