The process of dealing with or controlling things or people.

As an individual or business gains prominence, online reputation management becomes imperative. Unethical competitors, disgruntled customers, and resentful former (or current) employees are only a few of the common sources of undesirable online content. B2G offers a suite of reputation management services designed to monitor and mitigate negative and inaccurate content about individuals and businesses.

Monitoring Service

Our cyber team monitors online commentary about a given individual or company (the “targets of protection”), extracting and sorting any content that may pose a threat to the target’s reputation. Clients utilizing this service receive bi-weekly (two per month) reports detailing our findings.


Remediation is an optional add-on to our monitoring service, wherein our cyber team takes active measures to marginalize negative content, or have it removed entirely from the websites that host it. Drawing upon a combination of proprietary technologies and massive computing power, our cyber team can divert user traffic away from negative content, push negative content down in search results, and prepare cease and desist letters, subpoenas, and supporting legal documentation in cases where the content is false and defamatory.

Ad Hoc Investigations

In high-risk cases involving extortion, the threatened release of private information, or other extreme forms of cyberattack, B2G Cyber has the capacity to mobilize offensive teams with expertise in cyber intelligence and incident support. These teams include individuals with deep knowledge of tradecraft, far-reaching access to the dark web, and massive computing power, the combination of which is often essential to identifying and prosecuting the perpetrators of high-level hacks and other cyberattacks.

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